joy . connection . coffee .

come find your joy, your way.

fresh food & coffee

sparrow is a place for people to connect, dream, write, create, escape, explore. . . over coffee and fresh baking, made lovingly by our team of baristas, bakers and cooks, we come together in conversation and community at our favourite new cafe.

energy & creativity

to be as successful as a sparrow requires creativity and an indomitable spirit. follow that creative energy! it’s in all of us, and it’s unstoppable!

teamwork & cooperation

when we work together and share responsibilities, we become an absolute force to be reckoned with. that’s the sparrow spirit!

protection & community

at sparrow we want you to feel welcome and supported. you are in the care of our family when you step through the doors of our cafe, and we take that responsibility seriously!

let us help with your event

we love to make delicious food. let us help serve you!